The OJS Journey

The OJS Journey

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse offers a whole host of childcare services and preschool programmes to cater to the varying needs of parents and children. 


The Playgroup programme caters to children between 18 and 30 months. They are highly curious and at the stage of exploring the world around them, trying to master skills on their own. Their days are filled with plenty of interaction and hands on activities that encourage them to move, observe with their eyes, touch, feel, taste, smell and listen. Early language and numeracy skills are introduced through the process.



Three year olds are highly imaginative and live in a world of make-believe. A typical day is filled with lots of stories, pretend play, songs and rhymes, creative play and art & craft. A multi-modal approach introduces phonological awareness. Bilingual focus with equal emphasis on both English and Mandarin language begins here! 




Four year olds are really inquisitive and expressive! Awaiting them each day are plentiful opportunities to freely chat, ask, show tell, and explore purposefully. Good preparation for the Kindergarten years amid the fun & excitement!




Five year olds are responsible and have lots of initiative! Weaved into the programme are activities that promote active independent learning. The Juniors’ Curriculum is well-aligned with MOE’s preschool learning outcomes, thus ensuring our children a good foundation for the next stage of education. Through fun and purposeful play, our children learn new concepts in math, grow language skills and accumulate new knowledge in science and the world around them at this important stage of their development.


Six year olds are exuberantly vocal, eager to learn and be challenged! Every day is filled with activities that promote cooperative teamwork, discovery and independent thinking. We utilise the best educational research, tools, and time-tested methods to effectively prepare our children for life beyond preschool. The Juniors’ Curriculum is rigorous to ensure our juniors enter primary school capable and confident. More importantly, we ensure they graduate from kindergarten socially and emotionally well equipped to take on any new and challenging situations that come their way. 



Programme Features


  • Optimum staff-child ratio
  • Dedicated English and Mandarin educators to provide equal exposure and create ideal bilingual environment for learning of both languages 
  • Interests in English and Mandarin deepen with unique East-West bi-cultural experiences and themes throughout the year
  • Literacy in English language including vocabulary, phonological awareness, recognition of letters, words, print, comprehension, creative writing, enjoyment of books and other texts systematically nurtured
  • Literacy and long term interests in Mandarin language nurtured in an engaging way through thematic units, cultural experiences, stories, songs, rhymes and movement


  • Juniors’ Discovery Theme units that encourage exploration and experimentation 
  • Juniors’ Fun Math concepts and skills learnt through hands-on experiences
  • Physical fitness through a variety of daily outdoor experiences including sand play, water play, outdoor equipment, directed gross and fine motor activities 
  • Games, songs, movement, art & craft, cookery, pretend play, dramatisation and excursions 
  • Pro-social behaviours such as sharing, cooperating and turn-taking are inculcated so that your child learns the importance of being a team player 
  • Regular communication between educators and parents to keep you informed about your child’s learning and development 
  • Individual portfolio documents your child’s work and captures his unique creative expression 
  • Encouragement and support from well-qualified educators that lead to confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning 
  • And countless other daily experiences that open the minds and touch the hearts of our juniors!