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K2 Adventure Camp

“It was super duper fun!!” 😁😁
Our K2 children joined Cherie Hearts Singapore and Bright Juniors for the annual K2 Adventure Camp. It was an exciting day filled with new experiences for our little ones – they got to rock climb and participate in a real campfire!

Year-End Graduation Concert 2019

Here we are summing up our Year-End Graduation Concert for 2019. Congratulations once again to Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse K2 graduates! 🎓 All our children performed magnificently. We are certain that many parents and grandparents are very proud of their children’s achievements here at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse! We wish our graduates the best of luck for their future endeavours and hope they would never forget that they will always remain a part of Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse family!

Field Trip – Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah had an exciting day at Gardens By The Bay! Our Nursery, K1 and K2 children learnt more about herbs and fruits during the “Chew on This” programme. 🍉 They also went on a treasure hunt to find different flowers and plants. At the end of the day, everyone got to bring home a little gardening kit – our children cannot wait to watch their edible plants grow! 🌱

Picnic Day – Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Ubi

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Ubi celebrated Father’s Day and Grandparents’ Day at East Coast Park! ⛱ Apart from enjoying the sand and sea, our children, fathers and grandparents went on an exciting scavenger hunt and created rocket blasters from recycled materials. 🔍🚀

River Safari – Parents’ Day Celebration of Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanjong Katong

Check out this video of Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanjong Katong’s Parents’ Day celebrations held at River Safari! 🐠

World Water Day – Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Ubi

Join us in our water conservation efforts and remember the wise words of our Juniors in the video – ‘Make every drop count!’ 💧

Children’s Day Celebration – Be Anything I Want To Be Day

Do you know that 3 lucky families won 8 months of free childcare last month during G8 Education Singapore’s Raffle?! 😲 The event was organised to celebrate children’s day with our families from Cherie Hearts, Bright Juniors and Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse who enrolled during the promotion period. The theme of the event was ‘Be Anything I Wanna Be!’ to encourage our children to see no limits to what they want to be when they grow up. 👨‍🚀👨‍🎨👩‍🔬

Year-End Graduation Concert 2018