Preschool Curriculum

preschool kids exploring globe

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse preschool curriculum caters to children between 18 and 30 months old. Children at this tender age are hugely curious to explore the world around them and would even try mastering skills on their own. Their days are filled with opportunities to explore a variety of activities that encourage them to move, touch, feel, taste and listen. Even mathematics and early language are introduced hands-on.

We believe that very young children learn best through interactive engagement of their senses. For example, children learn to use their imagination through pretend play & dramatisation when attempting to represent objects, people and ideas. They develop logical thinking skills when engaged in block building, water or sand play. While counting and stacking blocks, our children experiment with cause and effect, develop problem solving skills, and learn how to count and sort things.

As children share materials and play together in class they learn to cooperate, listen to others, stand up for their own ideas, handle frustrations and empathise. Reading stories sparks children’s imagination, stimulates curiosity and helps with brain development. Songs, rhymes and prose help children understand different language patterns. Cookery lessons help children hone math skills when counting and measuring ingredients. By following the methods of a recipe, our children learn to sequence by deciphering which ingredient goes in first, second, third and last. Reading recipes also promotes language skills and expands vocabulary.

When given freedom to choose activities to engage in, children enjoy learning what truly interests them. We see them empowered with a sense of autonomy to make choices, which in turn gives them a sense of achievement and competency.

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