Nursery Curriculum

nursery kids paying attention in class

At 4 years old, children are really inquisitive and expressive! Here at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, days are packed with vibrant sessions of circle time sharing, post story Q&A, show & tell from home-school projects, and casual chats over meal times that encourage our children to socialise and freely express themselves. All of which lay a good foundation for their upcoming years in Kindergarten!

Music and Art

Children are keenly aware of sights and sounds around them. The curriculum in Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse is designed to help our children enhance their appreciation of sound, melody and rhythm, and understanding of how colours form and textures come together in works of art. An early introduction to art and music can last a lifetime, reaping for our children numerous benefits ranging from improved creativity to increased self-confidence, besides shoring up happy memories and contributing to their healthy holistic development.

Our Nursery juniors also acquire age appropriate knowledge of geography and social studies through our English Language Arts programme which helps develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the help of Letterland, our children approach phonics in a fun and unique way. Our experiential approach to language learning sets the stage for them to explore creative writing at an introductory level.

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