Kindergarten Years

kindergarten kids

Five and six year olds are responsible and full of initiative! Activities that promote active independent learning are staples in Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse Kindergarten programme. By the time our juniors are in Kindergarten 2, they are vocal, eager to learn and thrive on challenges. Busy are their days with activities that promote cooperative teamwork, explorative discoveries, and independent thinking – all acquired in fun and energetic ways!

Our Juniors’ curriculum is purposefully designed to ensure our children enter primary school capable, confident, and eager to take on new challenges. We utilise the best and most updated educational research, tools, and time-tested methods to effectively prepare them for the primary years. Aligned with the Ministry of Education’s mainstream primary school requirements, clearly identified learning outcomes develop in our juniors a strong academic foundation. More importantly, however, we believe in training our kindergarteners socially and emotionally to enjoy new challenges with social interaction and positive resilience. More than mere knowledge accumulation, they are taught to visualise and think discerningly even as they acquire language and numeracy skills, along with a global appreciation of the world through an effective bilingual programme enriched with culturally diverse experiences.

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