Our Model

Our Education Philosophy

At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, we firmly believe that quality early childhood education makes a life-long impact on the lives of our children. Reflecting our English-Mandarin bilingual and bi-cultural focus, our education philosophy is best described using a Chinese proverb:


Put simply, it means applying teaching approaches that best suit the individual learner’s abilities, character, interests, talent, and potential.

As more competent people in his environment, our educators closely with parents to maximise the potential of each child. Of utmost importance to us is to help our children believe in themselves so they can realise their potential and fulfill their ambitions. 

The Juniors' Model

modelOur successful and proven education model puts the child in heart of our operations, care and education. Excellent curriculum, people development, parental partnership work together in a dynamic relationship to constantly improve the learning experiences of our juniors!

Our Educators

People are our greatest assets.

Team of highly qualified and well-trained educators

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse has adopted a comprehensive approach in staff learning and development. Our educators are strongly encouraged and supported to upgrade their skills and knowledge as part of their professional development.

As it is, more than 75% of our teaching staff possess Diploma in Early Childhood Education and above. This means that we have surpassed the Y2013 teacher qualification standards recently set by MSF. This ensures that children at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse are educated and cared for by a team of highly qualified and well-trained early childhood professionals!

Caring and loving educators ensure each day is well-spent and filled with happy memories

In addition to being highly qualified, our educators are also patient, caring and loving. They see their role as motivating, guiding and assessing the children’s progress on an ongoing basis. Their guidance is always built on the basis of the children’s unique abilities, interests, character and prior knowledge. They support their learning in an intentional way by using a variety of strategies to increase their knowledge and skills. Their professional training equips them with the necessary skills to guide the children’s learning throughout the day during individual interaction, small group, large group and routine times.

Most importantly, they enjoy their time with children enough to play like a child!

Communicating your child’s growth and development

Your child changes every day. This is why educators of Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse provide you with regular updates on your child’s learning and development through both formal and informal interaction with you.

  • Ongoing dialogue with educators and staff at drop-off and pickup time
  • Regular parent and teacher conferences
  • Centre-specific newsletters that highlight curriculum coverage for both English and Mandarin so you know what your child has been learning
  • Written and verbal communication specific to your needs
Parents are the first and most important teacher in our children’s life. We work together with you to support your child’s growth and development by sharing the fun and excitement your child experiences!

Our Parents

Parents as partners is one of our core values. Understanding parents helps us understand their children even better. As professionals, parents’ feedback serves as ideas for improvements. This also gives parents greater confidence in the staff and the programmes available in the Centre.

Home and school are a young child’s two most important worlds. Children must bridge these two worlds every day. Through close partnership with our parents,

  • Children feel more secure
  • Children enjoy continuous and stable environment between home and school
  • Children learn more effectively at home and in school
  • Children experience greater consistency in guiding principles and philosophy in their upbringing


At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, close parental partnership is forged in five dimensions:

  • Parenting
  • Communicating
  • Learning At Home
  • Volunteering
  • Community Collaboration

Our Curriculum

The Juniors’ Curriculum is founded on established child development theories, early childhood practices and ongoing research and development. With a team of curriculum experts, we have identified the knowledge, skills, and concepts important for preschool children to acquire.The main focus of the curriculum includes:


  • English-Mandarin bilingual focus and East-West bi-cultural exposure that nurture confident communicators in both languages
  • Exciting Juniors’ discovery themes that stimulate the child’s interest to learn about the world around him
  • Comprehensive literacy and Juniors’ Fun math programmes that build strong foundation and competence for school
  • Fun and hands-on approach that encourages experimentation, exploration and problem-solving


The core components of the Juniors’ Curriculum include:

Juniors’ Discovery Themes
Themes chosen are developmentally appropriate, relevant and up-to-date. They cover a wide range of topics including Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Technology, Arts, Music, History, Social Studies and more! Children benefit tremendously with increase in general knowledge and opportunities to experiment, investigate, problem-solve and develop language.

Juniors’ English Language
The programme helps build vocabulary, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, creative writing, enjoyment of books and other texts. Children will be able to read, write and spell with confidence.

Juniors’ Fun Math
Comprehensively covers mathematical concepts including numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), patterns and relationships, geometry, spatial awareness, measurement and more! Concepts are understood through fun, hands-on and concrete activities, ensuring a strong foundation in concepts essential for school.

Juniors’ Chinese Language
Based on discovery and cultural themes. The programme emphasises life-long interests and love for learning Chinese language and culture, through activities that instill interests in word recognition, reading and writing of Chinese characters, creative writing and Hanyu Pinyin. Fun-filled learning experiences create long term positive association with the Chinese language and culture.

In addition, creative art & craft, music & movement, pretend play, dramatisation, cookery, outdoor physical activities, excursions, mini performances and concerts are also integral parts of the Juniors’ Curriculum experience!