Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah

About Us

*Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah is SPARK-certified

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah is located in a quiet neighbourhood nestled in the east. A double-storey detached house that can accommodate up to 66 children comfortably, we offer programmes for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. Rooms and spaces are designated and specially designed to cater to different age groups, enabling our children remain focussed during curriculum hours and enhancing learning efficiency.  Our bright and airy Centre also brings in a whiff of nature with every breeze. With these favourable factors and our supporting Our Juniors’ Curriculum, we are determined to create a conducive and nurturing environment for our juniors!

We understand the importance of not leaving the choice of preschool care and education all to chance. With this thoughtful intention, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse was established in 2003. Firmly believing that the interests of our children are of paramount importance, we came up with the name ‘Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse’.

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Meet Our Principal, Ms Maria Sharma

Principal Ms Maria Sharma has more than 12 years of experience in the early childhood industry, and has since taken on both teaching and supervisory roles. She holds a holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching as well as a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Leadership). Having been managing Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah since 2016, Ms Maria works closely with a team of dedicated educators who has attained minimally a Diploma in Preschool Teaching.

All Centre staff also attend various training programmes to better equip themselves with the latest teaching methodologies and techniques to cater to the children’s learning needs throughout the year.

Our Bilingual – Bicultural Curriculumr

Math Programme

Our Math Programme introduces mathematical concepts through exciting stories that expound on fundamental theories. Learning is reinforced through hands–on activities, the use of Math resources, and everyday materials that the children can easily relate to. We also promote primary school readiness while instilling a love for learning.


Bilingual & Bicultural Focus

Literacy in English language is systematically nurtured. It includes vocabulary, phonological awareness, recognition of letters, words, print, comprehension, creative writing, enjoyment of books, and other texts . Our English-Mandarin bilingual focus and East-West bicultural exposure nurtures competent communicators in both languages. We believe that the key to cultivating children’s lifelong interest in learning the Chinese language is to grow their appreciation of the Chinese culture.


Our Exciting Discovery Themes

Chosen over a wide range of subjects and topics that are developmentally appropriate, our themes include the study of Science, Technology, Arts, Music, and Social Studies. Our global perspective strives to enhance our children’s appreciation of the dynamic world around them and promotes their global thinking.


Daily Outdoor Activity

Children are naturally drawn to playing outside, which allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. It also increases their flexibility and fine and gross motor skills!
Our daily outdoor activities include water play, playground fun, cycling, planting, and chalk drawing.


Music & Movement

Incorporating music and movement helps young children with social interaction and language growth. Aligned with our bicultural focus, our children are exposed to many traditional and cultural musical instruments, which they learn about, play with, and sing and dance to the music they make.


Here are just some words from our happy parents!

Justin Chan and family


– Li Qiao Yi, mother of of Justin Chan (Playgroup)


Ram Mankodi and family

Ram has been at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ Tanah Merah since he was 18 months old. The Centre has been his ‘home away from home’ because all the teachers and support staff create a warm and nurturing environment for the little ones to ease in and thrive every single day! Ram managed to develop a close bond with his teachers and friends in a short time.

He looks forward to attending school every morning, which gives us peace of mind going to work. One of the highlights for us is the variety of outdoor activities offered at the Centre daily. Not only has Ram developed a love for the Chinese language, he also looks forward to learning and writing new Chinese words and listening to Chinese songs too!

We enjoy building a great rapport with the Centre staff and other parents. The Centre’s leadership support has been excellent – it is both flexible and personalised in helping us to manage and solve tricky situations as parents.

OJS @Tanah Merah’s small, warm, and inclusive setup is great for the young ones to be in!

– Dhwani & Harshal Mankodi, parents of Ram Mankodi (Nursery)