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What to look out for when choosing playgroup centres

While playgroups appear elementary child’s play at first glance, they provide children with a foundational start in their early years. Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse for instance, has been helping children build a firm footing for accelerated development in their preschool years. The following criteria will help new parents identify quality playgroups that place your child’s interest […]


Learning in Pre-Nursery

To fuel the active imagination of three year olds, a typical day at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse is filled to the brim with stories accompanied by dramatic or role play, songs and rhymes that are integrated with art and craft. These activities channel children’s curiosities into keen learning, and help develop functional skills for problem solving […]


What does my child learn in preschool?

Playgroup (18 -24 months) At 18 months, toddlers develop the ability to pick up various skills and are highly curious to explore their surroundings. At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, teachers create safe, stimulating environments that allow tots to explore and acquire new experiences through tasting, touching, smelling, hearing and seeing. Playgroup toddlers love music and movement, […]