About Us

It is our goal to be recognised as Singapore’s premier preschool brand. We seek to achieve this through our qualified and caring educators and strong curriculum aimed at preparing children for school and beyond.

Through our specialised preschool programme we aim to encourage each child’s development in the following areas:

• Curiosity and interest in the world they live in
• Capabilities in reading, writing, understanding mathematical and scientific concepts
• Confidence in communicating and relating to peers and adults
• Care and compassion for people, society and the environment around them.
• Creativity in thinking, problem solving and artistic expression.

Above all, it is our responsibility to ensure that their precious preschool years with us are filled with happy experiences and memories.

At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, we understand the importance of high quality early childhood development and care.

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse is a high quality preschool established since year 2003. Our Centres have been designed with a strong focus on “Our Juniors.”

This is a Schoolhouse founded for our juniors. This is a Schoolhouse that belongs to our juniors, and where our juniors feel they belong. Since its inception, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse has benefited pre-schoolers with high quality English-Mandarin bilingual programmes and the finest childcare services. Its holistic approach to learning and development has helped prepare our children physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and artistically both for school and for life.