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Our Juniors Schoolhouse Pre-Nursery

To fuel the active imagination of three year olds, a typical day at Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse is filled to the brim with stories accompanied by dramatic or role play, songs and rhymes that are integrated with art and craft. These activities channel children’s curiosities into keen learning, and help develop functional skills for problem solving and verbal articulation.

The following points serve as a quick guide on why pre-nursery education is essential for your child’s development and growth.

Satisfying curiosity

A main characteristic of pre-nursery children is curiosity. Preschools that are able to satisfy such curiosity, productively and objectively, will succeed in engaging the children and motivating them to learn. Keeping children in a classroom and simply telling them what is right and wrong is not an effective way to educate, especially at the pre-nursery level where students need a lot more interaction to stay focused.

Our Juniors’ Discovery Themes explore a wide range of subjects that spark children’s interest in Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Technology, Arts, Music, History, Social Studies and more.  At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, children receive limitless exposure to interesting topics to grow their general knowledge while having the chance to experiment, investigate, problem-solve and develop linguistic abilities further!

Recognising letters and their sounds

Recognising each letter of the alphabet and knowing the sound each makes are essential pre-reading skills. Teaching children to pronounce their names correctly and know the letter that begins their names may seem simple but are in fact foundational to building their linguistic ability.

Our Juniors’ Curriculum is founded on established child development theories, early childhood practices and ongoing research and development. The team of curriculum experts help identify optimal ways of reaching out to early learners to develop essential skills such as pre-reading.

Ability to learn languages

Three year olds absorb languages quite effortlessly if given the right exposure. With an optimum staff-child ratio, children receiving Our Juniors’ Curriculum experience language in the best possible scenarios under the guidance of dedicated English and Mandarin educators who provide equal exposure to both languages.

Over time, the children’s interest in both languages is piqued, which enables them to engage in fun and real-life multicultural thematic experiences throughout the year!

Numbers and counting

Children in pre-nursery get a head start in learning about numbers. From counting one to 10 and sequencing each number in order, three year olds can understand the numerical value of objects they encounter in everyday life.

Our Juniors’ Fun Math teaches mathematical concepts through practical hands-on activities that reinforce a strong foundation for the school going years.

Now that you have considered the limitless possibilities of pre-nursery learning, find out more about Our Juniors’ Curriculum and how it can benefit your child. Please contact us here.

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