What does my child learn in preschool?

Our Juniors' Schoolhouse preschool

Playgroup (18 -24 months)

At 18 months, toddlers develop the ability to pick up various skills and are highly curious to explore their surroundings. At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, teachers create safe, stimulating environments that allow tots to explore and acquire new experiences through tasting, touching, smelling, hearing and seeing.

Playgroup toddlers love music and movement, which together with other hands-on activities teach them cognitive skills like language and math in fun highly interactive ways.

Pre-nursery (24-36 months)

In pre-nursery, children learn the foundational skill of communicating with others. In Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, children are led by their teachers to interact during story time, share ideas and ask questions. Toddlers thoroughly enjoy experiences that involve the use of tactile senses. Art and Craft activities like drawing with crayon and paints, and other sensorial activities such as sorting objects according to shape, colour and size, develop fine motor skills and cognitive reasoning.

As children learn to express themselves better, they begin to understand more complex concepts like the movement and value of time. They think and talk about their own actions as well as comment on their peers. Vocabulary at this age can be expected to grow by as many as 1,000 words resulting in speech that is more intelligible.

Nursery (3-4 years old)

In Nursery, children learn how to listen and respond to stories, instead of simply enjoying them and keeping to their own thoughts. Observation skills are stretched further, allowing Junior to evaluate what he/she sees and hears. Besides learning to follow multi-step instructions and speak in proper sentences, this exciting growth phase allows alert educators to facilitate children’s use of increasing vocabulary to promote self-expression and enable more meaningful speech.

It has been shown that children who are enrolled in preschool become more confident speakers when interacting with peers and future schoolmates. The ability to express themselves well allows preschoolers to adapt more readily to new environments such as in primary school.

Kindergarten (5-6 years old)

Vibrant Kindergarten years present opportunities for children to model after inspiring teachers and interact harmoniously with regular peers. These grow them holistically in essential social and emotional life skills that build character and resilience. Children learn to problem solve, identify what is important to them, make decisions, and express themselves appropriately. Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse offers a fluid learning environment that promotes experiential learning through which Junior is enriched and empowered to cultivate self-discipline and respect for others.  

As world communities become increasingly global it helps that a bilingual, bicultural programme emphasised by Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse promotes a world view concept in pre-schoolers today. Being exposed to different landscapes and people communities in the study of world geography for example enriches children’s understanding of the world they live in.

Quality childcare preschool centres prepare children to embrace future challenges with confidence. Parents interested to know about our proven curriculum can contact us for a non-obligatory discussion here.

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